2 months later…

2 months later…

I have bought 7 products, including two from Michael Cheney.

I’m swamped. Cheney’s method is called a funnel – you buy one product and when you go to download it, you get invited to upgrade. Then you get several emails a day, telling you about other products or upsells he has waiting for you.

I made what I later discovered is the classic “affiliate newbie” mistake: buying lots of products that I don’t really need, getting confused, and not taking the actions I need to take in order to move forward. The avalanche of emails adds to the confusion and the “noise”.

Two months later, I watched my first training video, and discovered I’d make the #1 mistake. Watch the video. Don’t make my mistake. I wasted a lot of time.

If you see an email like “Your training starts here” after you’ve bought a product or signed up for someone’s emails, take my advice – WATCH IT! Before you buy another product.

What you need to do is first, if the product includes any kind of training or webinar (even if that webinar is for the purpose of selling you something), do the training (unless it’s an “extra” you have to buy).

Then, you need to figure out how to become an affiliate of that product:

  • get your affiliate ID. How to do this probably varies from vendor to vendor.
    • I use JVZoo, just because that was the market where I bought my first product
  • get your payment system setup (Paypal, but you may need to upgrade your Paypal account to a business account, which is free, but you need to choose a name for your business).

One of the first products I bought was a WordPress plugin called WP GDPR Fix which helps you become compliant for the new EU regulations that came into effect May 25th, 2018. I thought this would be useful, as I don’t want to get banned from selling or have my website shutdown just because I’m not following the regulations of the EU. I don’T want to exclude EU visitors to my website, either.

I went through the training, installed the plugin, got myself set up. It was quick and easy and definitely worth the price.

Then I naturally wanted to promote it and start earning commissions. That’s when I discovered I did not have an affiliate ID. How to get one? You have to apply to the vendor. How to do that? That took me a while to figure out. I sent the plugin support folks an email which they eventually answered by saying,

“You should see the training videos of JVzoo to understand how it works and how you can sell the software for profit.”

They included a link to a training video which was actually no help at all, because the interface in the video was completely different from the one I was seeing on my screen. It was not JVzoo.

The best help I got was actually from a follow-up email after I’d purchased another, different product. (CovertCommissions)  They had a much better training video. In fact, it wasn’t the CovertCommissions prime vendor that helped, but someone who was on the training webinar with the prime vendor and who gave some instruction on how to gain traffic. His course is the Rapid Traffic Guide.

I have 7 products but have yet to make my first sale.

  • Expenses so far: $141.93
  • Income so far: $0.00
  • Time spent so far: at least a couple of hours a day = 2 x 60 days = 120 hours.

Impressive ROI there, mate!

And I’m about to buy another product! Am I nuts? Perhaps. But I’ve learned something over the last 2 months:

  1. I will not promote products that I have not bought and used and benefited from myself.
  2. I am attracted to what’s called PLR products which are ones that I can edit and resell. Plus, the ones I’ve received email promotions about are all on topics that I’m interested in.
  3. And they’re ONLY $9.95!! I can’t resist that price.


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