June 17th, 2018

June 17th, 2018

Have bought a new product: MilkIt

Have not had time to look into it yet, or watch any of the training videos except the first one. They all seem to be much of a muchness: they’re all programs to teach others how to do affiliate marketing. But I think not everyone wants this. They want products that will help them with a particular problem, like doing something on WordPress or some other software program.

Not long ago, for instance, I wanted to learn how to make a booklet using MSWord. I spent quite a bit of time online, and not everything I found was useful for my particular version of MSWord. Plus, as I live in Japan and use a Japanese OS, I had to guess at what the various menu items were in Japanese; pages which had pictures of the toolbar or Microsoft Word ribbon were the most useful, as I could locate the menu item geographically.

Anyway, that’s the kind of thing I think a lot of people want. So I’m doubtful about the value of these “how to do affiliate marketing” programs.

Plus, I’m still not setup with this one product I bought several weeks ago. I finally got an answer to my request for help, but the reply did not make sense to me: it said, “The screenshot we request is for when you click on one of the links in Get Approval.”

Problem: I can’t see a “Get Approval” button or page or anything.

In order to receive commission payments, an affiliate needs to fill out a form called W9 (or W8 if you are not a US citizen).

This caused me to waste a lot of time. The form I used for Siteground (the company that hosts this blog) is W8 because I’m not a US citizen or “US person”. I had to ask for help because the affiliate page told me my W8 form is missing, but in order to find the W8 form I had to first fill out my Entity Type and Tax ID. Entity type simply means (according to the pull-down menu) Business or Individual. But Tax ID? I don’t have one.

A quick email to Siteground support got me my answer (fill out my dob in place of Tax ID). Once that was done, I could move on to the W8 form page, which had been pre-filled by Siteground. All I needed to do was check a couple of boxes and add my name, then click “submit”.

One of the items I am giving warranty for in the W8 form is that I am not doing business in the US, “which includes (but is not limited to) employing people or servers in the US.” The Siteground business is HQ’d in Spain, so I can safely check that box.

But what about JVzoo or PayKickstart or Clickbank, various organizations committed to the affiliate marketing busines? Surely, if I get a commission for promoting a product in the US (and most of them are, I assume), or someone in the US buys it, surely that is “income … effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business within the U.S.”, in which case, I need a different form (W-8ECI)?

I’m still waiting for clarification on this. I need this in order to complete registration for Paykickstarter, and I need a Paykickstarter account in order to request affiliate approval for this product I bought a couple of weeks ago and which I cannot figure out how to request approval, even with “help” from the support line!

  • @Waiting for:  “I can’t see a “Get Approval” button or page or anything. Where is it?”
  • @waiting for: “Do I not require form W-8ECI, as presumably my commissions will be ‘income effectively connected with the conduct of trade or business wthin the U.S.’?

To be continued…



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