Getting Started with Internet Marketing (IM)

Getting Started with Internet Marketing (IM)

Happy New Year! I know, it’s well past but hey! and best wishes for your financial and personal success this year.

This IM “business” of mine is still just an expensive hobby. But you don’t care about that, so let’s get into today’s topics: what you need to get started in an Affiliate or Internet Marketing business.

It’s been a while since I last updated this blog. One of the hardest challenges I face is to find time from my family, my one full-time and two part-time job-commitments to work on my part-time business, and guess what? I’m not the only one! Who’d a thunk, right? The first thing you need is time! I’ll have some time uploaded to my store soon, ha-ha! I’ll be charging an arm and a leg of course!

Seriously though, once you buy an IM (Internet Marketing) product, you get bombarded with follow-up emails selling your their “upsells”. So my advice is, once you get the login details and receipt, then unsubscribe! You need to give yourself time to review the product, try it out, see what’s under the hood, etc. and you can’t do that if you’re forever reading emails from the seller about the next thing they want you to buy. And it won’t be only the seller, but several others whom you never heard of will show up, too. Maybe the original creator, or someone “upstream” from the seller on the affiliate pyramid.

Tip: They will sap your time and attention, so switch them off.

Usually they want you to sign up for a “live” webinar. Usually they are damn long (1-2 hours). Do some of them have some useful info? Maybe, but before you can benefit from these webinars, you need to have certain things in place: a website, a domain name, a blog, a store, an auto-responder, etc. By all means try one or two webinars, just to see what I’m talking about, but really, you won’t miss much, and instead of waking up at some god-awful hour so you can hear a hyper guy trying to sell you his latest high-ticket product, you’re better off minding your own business: building your store!

Arun the Firebreathing Dragon has some videos that are very helpful on this: a ton of free stuff including some excellent training videos which are not only educational but also fun. Arun is a hoot to listen to. Arun’s specialty is PLR products. I’m listening to this one on how to setup a plr store, but it’s good for basics. Check it out. (If you don’t know what PLR is and want to find out, Arun has you (and me!) covered: ). And as Arun says in video 3, what he’s teaching here works for whatever you’re selling online, whether it’s PLR, e-books, or physical products like mugs or T-shirts, the essential basics are the same.

Tom Woods has taught himself how to sell digital products online and has a lot of resources for newbies. He even answers his emails! Well, his assistant, I assume, but it sure sounds like him!

Be sure to check out my store. Okay, that’s all for now.

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